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About AMCC

● The only high-level exhibition guided by state-level authoritative government department in China
● An annual specialized event in additive manufacturing industry held by state-level alliance
● Showcasing Additive Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project
● The mode of "Exhibition + Conference + Theme activities" provides participating enterprises with all-round display platform
An annual grand event for additive manufacturing industry   Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) is a disruptive technology in manufacturing industry, which will have great impacts on traditional production processes, production lines, factory models and industry chains. Currently, a new round of technology and industry revolution is emerging globally. All the countries take additive manufacturing as the new growth point for industry development in the future to promote the combination of additive manufacturing with information network technologies, advanced material technologies and innovative design concepts. To promote the development of additive manufacturing industry is the important means of accelerating transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and building the world-leading manufacturing country. It will provide the historic opportunities for the transformation and upgrading for manufacturing industry in China.
  Guided by MIIT and People's Government of Zhejiang Province, jointly hosted by China Center for Information Industry Development, Economic and Information Commission of Zhejiang Province and People's Government of Hangzhou Municipality, organized by Additive Manufacturing Alliance of China which is the only state-level industrial alliance in the additive manufacturing field, the Additive Manufacturing Conference of China (AMCC) 2018, has already become a grand annual event in additive manufacturing industry and will build a specialized platform for technical exchanges, product display, market development and trade negotiations.
  AMCC 2018 will be held at Hangzhou International Expo Center on July 26-28, 2018. The exhibition will showcase the latest technologies and products at home and abroad, including core equipments and components, special materials, technologies and applications. During the exhibition, the Organizing Committee will invite officials of government departments in charge of additive manufacturing industry, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges on hot topics such as industrial policies, innovative technologies, application trends and business models in the field of additive manufacturing.