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Theme activities

China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2018

The Organizing Committee is going to organize China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2018. Adhere to the principles of openness, fairness and justice, the competition will invite officials from related government departments, industry experts, representatives from investment and financing organizations as judges. The competition will be divided into three stages including the preliminary contest, quarter-final and final. Finally, the first, second and third prizes of Entrepreneurship Prize and Innovation Prize will be awarded separately. The awards will be presented during AMCC 2018.

Additive Manufacturing Desktop Performance Competition

The Organizing Committee will organize the Additive Manufacturing Desktop Performance Competition during AMCC 2018. Participating enterprises may register through the official website, and submit detailed information on performance and technical parameters of their desktop products. The Organizing Committee will select and identify 10 of these companies as finalists according to the application documents. A special contest area will be provided at the exhibition site. Enterprises will compete in a contest by printing the proposition works and free creation works. The committee of experts invited by the Organizing Committee will determine the winning enterprises and products through comprehensive assessment of competitors and the printed products. Trophies and certificates will be awarded on-site.